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Run to the Father

If you’re a new mother like myself you may have been dealing with “baby blues” which is another term for postpartum depression. Scary thoughts, doubts, worries, self absorption, self denial and a new sense of responsibility are all very real. This was totally not MY ideal picture of motherhood but there is something DEEPER happening in this new chapter of life.

Depression can take us deeper into self loathing and self focus and there is only antidote. It isn’t “You can do it, just try harder!”; motivational self talk. It’s not getting lost in a bowl of ice cream or candy and zoning out before a movie or social media. It isn’t going on a shopping spree. It’s also not obsessing on feelings and blaming God, the world, our husbands and our children for where we are in life. No, it is time to sit before the Throne of Grace like God calls us to (Hebrew 4:16).
I opened my Bible to Psalm 119 and began reading aloud to myself the ancient but living words (Hebrews 4:12).Though I felt nothing, I…

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